How to revolutionise your workshop facilitation practice

A guide to differentiate your workshop facilitation practices.

"This is indeed a revolutionary process to facilitate strategic planning workshops. It is extremely unusual that a facilitator shares the elements of process to such an extent. This book is a 'must read' and a 'must use' for every facilitator."

Dr Amanda Hamilton-Attwell, CEO Business DNA

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The book offers a unique and practical approach to workshop facilitation that the author uses in management or business-related workshops. It is a “How to” guide for workshop facilitators wanting to differentiate their facilitation offering, and in doing so, become more productive and add significantly more value to clients.

The book is intended for workshop facilitators and business/management consultants acting as workshop facilitators. The author shares insights and experiences gained over a 30 year long career as a specialist workshop facilitator. He describes his approach, useful processes and technology required to enable workshop facilitators to provide workshop results documented in a professional report at the close of a workshop. Facilitators, managers and workshop participants will also benefit by the insights provided on workshop stakeholder roles, risks relating to facilitated workshops and challenges faced when engaging in joint planning workshops.

The book is a practical, to the point guide to how workshop facilitators can differentiate their facilitation approach to become exponentially more productive, value adding and sought after by clients. These differentiators are summarised in the author’s “PROST model for productive workshop facilitation”.

The book contains all the “trade secrets” that enabled the author to facilitate thousands of workshops and workshop deliverables over a 30-year period, of which all these assignments were generated from repeat assignments and client referrals.

The book sets a new standard for workshop facilitators against which they can evaluate their current practices and service. Clients using facilitators will want to pass this guide on to their internal and external facilitators.

This will ultimately raise the bar for practising facilitators as they will, through application of the PROST model for productive workshop facilitation, become part of a new, growing breed of workshop facilitators that will revolutionise the way workshops are facilitated to the benefit of their clients.

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