The DIAGKNOWS™ system for group decision excellence

DIAGKNOWS is a group decision support tool allowing its users to gather data from group participants assembled in a venue for, amongst others, decision making, prioritising, gap analyses, surveys, monitoring and evaluations and performance assessment applications.

Data is gathered through a seamlessly integrated wireless network of selected brands of radio frequency keypads. Group results or cross sections of group results are instantly available ensuring high levels of interaction, acceptance, quality and productivity of focus group sessions, meetings, workshops or seminars.

The software was designed by Johan Swart, a specialist workshop facilitator, as a value adding tool for researchers, managers, consultants and facilitators in settings where participants assemble in a venue. It is a unique tool with features variety unrivalled in the world.

Ideal users of DIAGKNOWS?

Leaders of sessions where people are assembled in a venue, amongst other:

  • Management consultants
  • Workshop facilitators
  • Organisation development consultants
  • Focus group researchers
  • Training facilitators
  • Managers

The DIAGKNOWS system offers several advantages

  • High quality and high acceptance of group decisions and results
  • Instant availability of group results or cross sections of group results exportable to Excel
  • Unrivalled productivity in data collection and data analyses
  • Anonymous input from participants
  • A second-to-none facilitation tool providing high value to internal and external clients
  • Enjoyable and engaging sessions

Typical applications

The following broad processes are supported:

  • Perception surveys (rating and multiple choice type surveys)
  • Prioritise items against criteria
  • Decision making (Evaluate options against weighted criteria to determine the “best” option)
  • Perform assessments e.g. 360 degree etc
  • Identify gaps between any two variables, e.g. importance versus current performance, importance versus urgency, etc.

Specific applications

Diagknows is an open system allowing consultants and facilitators to develop their own consulting solutions. Applications therefore are as wide as the imagination of the user but could include:

  • Supplier evaluations
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Focus group research
  • Client/community needs analyses
  • Client/community priorities analyses
  • Stakeholder analyses
  • Product evaluation
  • Project prioritisation
  • Funds allocation decisions
  • Business positioning decisions
  • Risk analyses
  • System development priorities
  • Market analyses
  • Situation analyses
  • Strategic planning analyses
  • 360-degree performance assessments
  • Team effectiveness evaluations
  • Tender evaluations, and many more


  • High impact and high value to clients.
  • Diagknows offers a wide range of functions for diverse applications.
  • In-venue solution fostering high quality and high acceptance of group decisions and results in the
  • most productive way.
  • Instant availability of group results or cross sections of results and exportable to Excel.
  • Data collection productivity and data analyses capability earns you time and revenue

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